Styling of the progress action from a nanoflow in Native

Hi All, I have a requirement where the user has to log in and the waiting time can sometimes take a bit long. so to prevent the user from clicking further we want a progress circle. This is an action called in a nanoflow called ‘show progress’ and ‘hide progress’ since we are developing a mobile app. I wish to style it but I cannot find how to do this. There is no documentation of it. Does anyone have experience with this? Using Mendix 8.18.6
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For anybody looking to style the progress indicator; you can style this progress indicator in custom-variables.js within ProgressOverlay:


progressOverlay: {
        color: font.colorTitle,
        activityIndicatorColor: brand.primary,
        backgroundColor: "rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5)",
        containerBackgroundColor: background.secondary,
        fontSize: font.sizeSmallest,
        borderRadius: border.radiusSmall,
        elevation: 1.5,
        shadowColor: "#000",
        shadowOpacity: 0.1,
        shadowRadius: 10 // Only for iOS



If you would like to show extra context while waiting, you might want to check out progress circle or progress bar. You can change the values of those widgets inside a nanoflow to show the progress while the user is waiting. There are some styling options within these widgets available.