Native app - Synchronization to Device taking too long in cloud.

Hi everyone, We  have a Native application that synchronizes data from the server to the device using microflow, but takes too long when we point to our acceptance environment in cloud. Testing locally the application performs very well, it takes about 5 seconds to initialize the process flow but when we deploy to our acceptance environment, it is a different story… it takes about 1 minute and 30 seconds to initialize the same process. I have tried to optimize the  process by moving the logic to the microflow and just  doing simple retrieval on the nanoflow and show the  page, but the result is still the same. From my observation, the bottleneck occurs in the nanoflow… Just after data has been pushed to the device. I timestamped the microflow and it takes split seconds to create entities and push to the device. Any assistance would be much appreciated as I have ran out of options.  Thank you in advance.
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I've encountered a similar issue. In my case the sync became very slow when retrieving large datasets of entities that had x-path access constraints set at entity-level. After removing the constraints, the sync was super fast again. 


I just found this question and i experienced exactly the same. Removing entity access and applying it in the sync config makes a very big difference (9.5.1)