Cascading dropdown/reference selectors in Mendix Native

Hi All, We have a requirement of having cascading dropdowns/reference selectors in a Mendix native application. We have to create a REQUEST in the application. The REQUEST is related to PLANT, DEPARTMENT, and CATEGORY. And DEPARTMENT and CATEGORY are related to PLANT. Whenever we change the PLANT, the related CATEGORIES and DEPARTMENTS should appear in the respective dropdowns. We have done it in Responsinve Web by following, But we are not able to do the same with Native Mobile since it does not support constraining paths. Does anyone have any idea how to achieve it?
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In your form, create non-editable fields to show the "selected value”.

Place it in a container and configure the on-click action to open a page to pick the plant / department / category.

In the page, retrieve selectable options as a list view using nanoflow data source.

On selecting the right value, set the association and go back to the previous page.