Build Native App v.1.0.109 will not start

Hello together, unfortunately since Monday I no longer have access to the Build Native App v.1.0.109. When I try to start the app, it hangs in the loading screen. I have already uninstalled everything and set it up again – unfortunately without success. Does anyone else have this problem or a solution for me? Thank you very much. Best regards Fynn      
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Hi there,

Can you try something. Can you rename the .config file in the nativemobile folder in your project’s folder to say .config-backup. (Keep in mind you will have to enable explorer to show invisible files to see it)
Restart the builder and see if it starts correctly. The configuration will need to be re-applied as the tool will not know of the previous configuration.

If that works can you share the renamed (old) .config with support, asking them to pass it to me, so that we can further evaluate it? We aren’t aware internally of any particular reason causing this and would like to further understand what is going wrong.



Can't say I have the same issue, but are you sure the NBUI is not just taking a while to update the native template?


In case it helps anyone – I had the same behaviour after a conflict on the .config file was incorrectly resolved and it was corrupt, so I resolved the conflict correctly and all was good.


I have same issue, did you fix it?