Copying widgets from another page or duplicating a page causing errors

In recent few releases of Mendix 9, I have experienced an error many times. It is triggered by copying widgets from another page into a new page which is very typical use case when we have to develop similar pages.  In that case, on running app it runs fine. When opening in Make it Native it will give error in Studio Pro and it says to check logs in deployment directory. In the logs it is mentioned that its unable to resolve path of new page and the page does not exist. Further stack trace includes AppUI.Register calls. To put it simple it is not recognizing the new page.  The above problem is solved if you remove the copied containers/widgets and manually add those same widgets in the new page.  I have tried cleaning deployment directory and running app after adding new page. Still it does not work. Only way is to do that manual effort of duplicating widgets. I have also experienced same error when duplicating an existing page. This is solved by creating a new page and adding same contents in that page.  Mendix 9 seems to hate reusability and its annoying thing in development to manually add all elements again and again Note: The project was not upgraded from previous versions. It is created in Mendix 9+. Currently in 9.7.0. It is a native app so no external java modules or jar files in it. userlib folder is empty. 
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I assume you created a support ticket? Sounds like a bug...