Notification Widget bugs?

Hello friends, I’m developing an app that using push notification. There are some usues with the notification widget as below: In my actions Item, “On open” I call a nanoflow, it should be run when the application opened by tapping the notification. But in my app, it doesn’t. When my app running on foreground and received notification, “on open” nanoflow wil be  called automatically without any user activity.  Every nanoflow called by Notification widget always run twice at the same time has any one met same issues? 
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There is an updated version of the Native Builder. You need to build your app again with that version, possibly updating the native template as well.


Edit: I tried upgrading my test app and all the modules involved but that broke my model. Studio Pro throws an error when I open it. Can't run, clean or export it. Created a support ticket for it. 

Edit 2: I received a reply that Studio Pro breaks when a pluggable widget has another marketplace widget in the contents that is missing. In this case, the DataGrid2 has a pop-up menu widget in the widget contents zone. Short term solution is to download the pop-up menu widget and resolve the widget update error. After that, the app works normally. Studio Pro should just have shown an error about the missing widget, which is the long term solution.