Overwrite existing picture

Hi All   In a Mx Native 9.4.0 application, we take a picture of damage to a car. After this is completed we show the pictures in the damage overview.    The user has the opportunity to delete the picture and has to take a new picture before he can continue.  When the user goes back to take a new picture, the old picture returns to the overview.    The picture enters this nanoflow with IsTaken false. It is then changed to IsTaken True and IsDeleted False. It then goes back to the TakePicture action.  I assumed the TakePicture action overwrited the existing values of the picture?     How to solve this?
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In my opionion you should not only check Is Taken but also isDeleted. Because then you should also create NewDamagePhoto. And that is probably the reason why you see the old picture in the overview. And yes that probably get's overwritten by the new content. But you then also have to change the isDeleted status otherwise I do not know what you end up with.