Native error file not found in listView.

Hi all, I have another question related to native mobile development. Recently we are getting an error on our native home page (both on Android as on iOS). Not sure why we haven't encountered this earlier, but I found the following error using Android Studio:   /data/user/0/com.customer.customerapp.acc/files/files/default/documents/43910096366863119@1634116636616_tmp /data/user/0/com.customer.customerapp.acc/files/files/default/thumbnails/43910096366863137@1635245008265_tmp The objects with these guids and changedDates correspond with two images that are on the server. Both are visible in a browser and appending &thumb=true also correctly shows their thumbnails. The images should be synced to device when starting the app and a List View should show them on the native home page. Am I right in assuming that the images aren't being synced correctly (or not on time) and this is the cause of the error shown on the native home page? Is there a way for me to find out if these images are available on my own Android device? Thanks in advance!  
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