Mendix Native builder stuck on loading screen

Hi,   I am stuck. I am trying to build a new version of my native application for development, but the Native builder gets stuck in the splash screen loading animation.   I have located the problem to be in my expired GitHub access token which I have already regenerated. The problem is on my computer as I have been successful to launch the builder on a different computer.   The native builder log file has following contents: 2021-12-28T07:40:22.496Z: (info) [Analytics] '/landing: nav_pageview' 2021-12-28T07:40:22.497Z: (info) [Store Context] 'Initializing stores' 2021-12-28T07:40:22.501Z: (info) [Analytics] '/landing: app_started' 2021-12-28T07:40:22.605Z: (info) [Analytics] '/landing: native_dependencies_collection_started' 2021-12-28T07:40:22.606Z: (info) [mx] 'Stopping orphaned mx.exe' 2021-12-28T07:40:22.610Z: (warn) [mx] "Cannot read property 'pid' of undefined" 2021-12-28T07:40:22.610Z: (info) [mx] 'Running mx.exe collect-native-deps' 2021-12-28T07:40:26.436Z: (info) [mx] '{\r\n  "react-native-view-shot": "3.1.2"\r\n}\r\n' 2021-12-28T07:40:26.455Z: (info) [mx] 'Dependency collection finished: 3845 ms' 2021-12-28T07:40:26.455Z: (info) [mx] 'Dependency react-native-view-shot found with the version 3.1.2' 2021-12-28T07:40:26.456Z: (info) [NativeDependenciesStore] { requiredDependencies: { 'react-native-view-shot': '3.1.2' } } 2021-12-28T07:40:26.457Z: (error) [GithubKnownDependencyResolver] 'Version tag null is not valid' 2021-12-28T07:40:26.457Z: (info) [NativeDependenciesStore] { knownDependencies: {} } 2021-12-28T07:40:26.457Z: (info) [Analytics] '/landing: native_dependencies_collection_finished' 2021-12-28T07:40:26.458Z: (info) [Analytics] '/landing: project_native_dependencies' 2021-12-28T07:40:26.468Z: (info) [github] 'Verifying access token...' 2021-12-28T07:40:26.769Z: (error) [github] 'Invalid access token'   The log file gives a quite clear hint that the GitHub access token is invalid. The problem is that I cannot change the GitHub access token in the builder because it’s stuck in the splash screen. Picture below: I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Mendix studio pro, version handler and Native Builder but it didn’t help.   How can I clean the environment so I that the Mendix Native builder doesn’t get the invalid GitHub access token on my computer?   Best regards, Mikko
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Try this: open the nativemobile folder that's located in your project. Delete the .config file that's present there. Run the native builder UI again.