Cannot do a retrieve of a persistable entity (inherited from System.image) in a microflow called from a nanoflow

I have an entity "FoutmeldingTemporary” which is non-persistable. I also have an entity 'Foutmelding’ associated to 'Foutmelding_Foto’ which is inherited from System.image. Both are persistable. I set it up this way because i cannot use persistables in a microflow called from a nanoflow. In my nanoflow i call a microflow (in that microflow is my call webservice which does a call to my backend app), when i try to retrieve my foutmelding_foto i get an empty list. (i checked in database and its for sure not empty). Why can i not retrieve this list of photos in my microflow? Is there any way i can get around this issue of not being able to use persistable entities in microflows called from nanoflows?
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Does the user using the microflow have entity rights to retrieve the list of photos? Since they're happening in the context of a nanoflow, the user will need read rights.