Native Mobile App: Push Notifications Local Testing

Good day, I’ve successfully implemented the Push Notifications module along with all of it’s dependencies and a connection to firebase. When testing my app’s push notifications using the developerapp buld the notifications come through successfully. However, when testing locally I get an app crippling error (screen shot below). The fact that I can test the push notifications on the developer app is enough, however this error stops the user/local tester from continuing on the app. The error is caused by the notifications widget which is found on the home page. Removing the widget resolves the issue, but removing the widget when needing to test locally and then putting it back when wanting to rebuild isn’t ideal nor seems like the right action. There must be a solution if not to send local notifications (, then to avoid this error.  
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This issue seems to be related to the newest Google Services and Firebase, Can you test upgrade to the newest version of the PushNotifications module and test the issue again? I got this response from Mendix support team after placing a ticket. I could not update and test since I have a dependency with Mendix v9.5.0.

You can give a try.