Mendix Native Android connection to server not getting established

Hello, We are having Dev and QA environments for our Mendix app. Both are up and running. We do have a native mobile app that is connecting these servers. We have Android and iOS solutions which are working as expected in Dev, and iOS is QA. But Android alone not working if we connect to QA Server. We are using Local Build of Mendix Native Builder and finish building using Android studio. While we launch the Android QA app, it will just open the splash screen and just hang up there. We have checked the network connections while we connect to Dev and QA. Once we point to QA, we cannot see any network connections starting, but in Dev it does. The initial connection is to https://{serverurl}/xas Does anyone have any clue why the connection is not starting? Or as the image says, the dotted line which is showing connection is starting and stopping immediately.  PFB the screenshots of Dev and QA QA QA
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