Where do native applications leave log error information?

I would like to know where the error log is located when handling a native application built and installed the .apk within a mobile device. Thank you!
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Hi Jorge,

What i usually do in such a situation is to create a SUB_Nanoflow wich get 2 parameters: LogNode, LogMessage.
This one you can connect to any error handler.
In that subflow i write the log(client side) and check if the application has connection.
If there is connection, i call a SUB_Microflow serverside also with the same 2 parameters.
Then i write the same log server side.
That way you can follow any client side captured errors on the application server.

The big benefit is, that after development is done, you can easy remove the Microflow from that 1 nanoflow where you write all the logs with.

I hope this helps you.


I think you will need to read the log file using Android tools. Here is a link to documentation about it