Disabled toggle buttons opacity not working

Hi,  I want the disabled toggle buttons in my app not to have opacity 0.6 but to stay at 1. I added the following code (to a new file and imported this in main.js) to set the opacity to 1 of the togglebuttons but it is not working. export const com_mendix_widget_native_togglebuttons_ToggleButtons = { containerDisabled: { opacity: 1, alignSelf: "stretch" } }; When I inspect the elements pluginWidget(ToggleButtons),  ToggleButtons, TabOption, TouchableOpacity, ForwardRef(AnimatedComponentWrapper), AnimatedCompent, TopLevelView got opacity 1, but SegmentedControlTab stays at opacity 0.6. How can I change this?   Thanks! Kolien
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When looking inside the default definition of the widget, you do seem to be on the right place.
However, I cannot find anything about a ‘SegmentedControlTab’ in there. This is a react native component.

You can try adding this inside the styling as well. This, then, seems to be styled by Native default and not Mendix.