why data grid is not supported in native mobile apps?

am looking for the reason why datagrid is not supported in native mobile apps in mendix
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Data grid expands horizontally (columns), so it is not suitable for mobile devices due to less width. Instead, list views are more suitable as they can be scrolled vertically to view data.

But if you still want something like a table/datagrid, then you can use list view and inside list view item, place a layout grid widget. Create required no. of columns in layout grid and show your entity attributes in those columns. It will make a look similar to data grid. 

Just for a side note, you can also display multiple objects in single row using list view. There is a no. of columns option for this purpose



As far as I know, the main reason is data-grid are used for web applications, data grid shows a list of objects in table format because users can only see table format on a large screen if we use data grid for the native mobile app we are unable to see the proper format in the native app because of smaller view,
for that, we need to work on custom CSS that more complex for a native mobile app to make it responsive and small view.