Native sign-in duration

I have a question about the sign-in procedure in a native app. I’d like to have the time duration to sign in under 3 seconds. At the moment it is at 6-7 seconds. When I set all sync rules to nothing (clear data) or nothing (preserve data) the time duration to sign in is 5 seconds. I used Telerik Fiddler to check what is happening during the time the app is loading to sign in. I found that the app needs 5 seconds for getting the index.bundle. Is it correct that this index.bundle contains everything that is necessary in the app? Is it possible to make this index.bundle smaller? I have tried to exclude most of the pages and flows in the project, but then the time to sign in is 4 seconds. So it is a little bit shorter, but not what I want. Is it even possible to get the time duration to sign in under 3 seconds?  
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