Native Mobile App takes too much time to log in for the first time

Hi all, I have a Native Mobile application in which after creating the apk & installing the app in a android device, when I try to login for the first time it takes too much time (minimum 3-4 minutes) to log in & displays splash screen for that duration. This happens only for the first time when user logs in. After that if I close the app and run it again it loads almost instantly. I have noticed that app downloads around 70mb of application data after signing in, while that data is being downloaded the app is stuck on the splash screen. Data takes few minutes to download even on a fast internet connection.  Is there any way to mitigate this issue so that the first time log in doesn’t have this much load time ? Note: The Application is currently running on a free node
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That long running step is your initial data synchronization.


Are you syncing more data than you really need? Also if you have large images or documents, these will all be synced the first time. Mendix checks whether file documents and images are changed so will not download them again to the device unless a new file was uploaded.


Also, usually the user does not need all data on the device, usually only a part of the object lifecycle. Setting up XPaths on the sync config of your native navigation profile can help reduce the amount of data synchronized with the device.


My NanoflowCommonsITvisors module has a JavaScript action that returns statistics about the database on the device 

If you need to sync a lot of master data, I created a pattern for that, watch the video about it: