Best practices for Sessiontimeout for the PWA (Phone) profile?

We are migrating our hybrid PhoneGap app to a PWA.  In the PhoneGap app users basically never had to sign in again. When I install the PWA on my phone I do have a much smaller SessionTimeout (I suppose the default 10 minutes)  which would result in a lot of annoyed users.  In the documentation I see there is a special LongLivedSessionTimeout setting, but this is only applicable for Offline first PWA’s.  Is there a way to raise the timeout for the PWA (online profile) without raising the SessionTimeout setting for the whole application?
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For anyone else wondering, there appeared to be a bug which caused the sessions to end earlier then expected.

It should be fixed in 9.6.11 and 9.12.0 . 

Update: Eventually the fix was not related to this specific issue. Currently there seems to be no way to keep the session of on online PWA user alive for a long period.