Native Mobile - Get changed attributes

Hi All, Is there a way that we can find which fields are changed in Native mobile in a nanoflow? On web, we are able to do it using a microflow. We will compare the updated object with an object retrieved from the database. When we tried to do the same in a nanoflow by retrieving the DB, retrived object also having new changes. So we are not able to compare it. Any thoughts? ===============================Updated========================== Our scenario is As below User can create a request (Request contains 10 Attributes. Attribute 1-10 it can be DB column or association) After creating user can edit the request if required On user editing the request, if Attr1 or Attr2 changed, we have to run a logic, otherwise separate logic We are passing the Updated object from page to a nanoflow. How we can find out Attr1 or Attr2 changed? We tried retrieving the Object from DB, but seems like it is fetching from cache so that uncommitted changes are showing in retrieved object too so we cannot do comparison   We are able to do it by creating a non-persistent helper object, and passing it to a microflow, then retrieving Object from DB and comparing it for changes. But this required internet and breaking offline feature. So we want to do it with the offline architecture 
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What is the case for this question, why do you need to find these objects? 

If you need to collect all objects with changes to be committed, you can use the 'synchronize changed objects' action. 

Perhaps using the special check 'isSynced' is an option? It should return false when there are changes to an object locally: