[NativeMobile] Local DB cleared after logout

Hello Experts,    Searching on this forum I found this question (very simmilar to mine): Native Logout question – https://community.mendix.com/link/questions/108554 Basically all data is wiped from mobile device when we logout. Is that fact explained in the mendix documentation? I’m struggling to find such information in the docs. Can this be avoided? ‘Cause my app has a lot of data and would be better for the user experience if, after log out and log in again, only the new data is synced, not the whole DB.  I could simply never log out, but this seems weird to me .. Thanks in advance  
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You can also save data to the device instead of the database using the 'local storage' activities. In this case data is not wiped at logout I guess, but never tested this. 


Hello all


I think I’ve managed to get pictures showing the evidences that the DB is indeed wiped after logout

In this picture, taken last Friday (at that time, I left the app without logout)


Then, after the logout the DB is wiped!



and restored after login



I would ask:

Am I correct? Is this the place where the DB is saved locally in the device?