Cant run native mobile app from the cloud in Make it Native

I have a native mobile app which runs fine locally and can be viewed using the Make It Native phone app (though the QR scanner doesn’t work, but that’s a different problem). However I need to run the app in the Mendix cloud The respsonsive web access to the app works fine, but I can’t connect Make It Native The connection info in Mendix Studio Pro 9.12.0 always shows “The application must be running before connection specific info can be displayed”. If I enter the url directly into Make It Native it fails to connect with error “Packager Connection Error”
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In order to access a mobile app hosted in the cloud (even if it's the temporary free cloud instance), you would need to build it fully rather than use Make it Native. Make it Native is designed to only work for localhost, where both your device and the server are on the same network. Since running in the cloud is a separate network for the server, Make it Native won't work. 


You should be able to do this using the Native Builder, however there are some extra pieces needed such as development certificates for ios/android and you'd need to follow the standard app signing/distribution process for either one. 


If you only want to test your local dev app, I would suggest sticking to running locally only.