cannot sync native app after uploading an image, works fine on Make It Native

its a profile page where you can upload an image, either from the file system or camera. I’m using NativeMobileResouces.TakePictureAdvanced action to take the picture. I have tried adding a sync action after and attempted all  3 types (sync all, only unsynced, specific objects) both in the nanoflow, and in a separate button after the upload. It works just fine on the Make it Native app but when we build to iPhone and try to upload a profile picture it always fails at the sync stage no matter which type I try, your typical “An Error Occured, please contact your system administrator” message.   I also tried adding a sync action right after creating a blank which throws the error message so it probably has nothing to do with the take picture action Any idea what could be causing this or advice on how to troubleshoot?
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Hi Luke, 

There's an entity in your system module called SynchronizationError. If you build a page with a datagrid and detail page for this entity and make it available in your responsive navigation profile for an admin it will help you tremendously trying to troubleshoot these (and other) sync errors, which are logged by Mendix by default.


Hey there,

In my experience, this could be caused by two issues:

  1. first check your Entity access rights – does the user have access to the necessary association/attributes?
  2. secondly, check the synchronisation settings in the Native mobile navigation pane. Make sure your entity is listed there, and set the proper condition for syncing. 


That will probably do the trick ;-). If it did, please mark as correct ;-)

Best regards.