Native builder miss a build option, is it a bug?

I am building Native app using Native builder. When i use it first time,  it shows 2 option: 1. local build. build. After select Local build and build a native template project. Next time, when i open  native builder, it only display one option, whatever can not findout 2nd option. What’s the reason about it?
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The only way to get both options is to delete the native mobile build settings in the Mendix folder structure. They are also committed to the team server. After choosing one the other option will no longer be available. Maybe Mendix will implement this in the future.



But have another issue:

I deleted .config file in project folder.

When open Native builder,  There is 2 option,  local build option come back.

After click local build.   A wizard display,  but this wizard seems is for online build.

It need Github and Appstore token and can not skip it.     This wizard is not i used before.

I just want to generate a local project and make changes in android.