View on your device not working

My phone and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network, I’ve also tried the phone’s mobile network via hotspot to no avail. It won’t open my app on my phone, I’ve tried with Chrome and with Firefox, on Firefox after a few minutes it gives a timeout. I’ve restarted my phone and my computer, but still the webpage for my mendix app won’t open… Please help
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I was in trouble with same situation and just solved. Here are my solving steps;

1_ Connect your PC with mobile phone network access. Now you are on the same network.

2_ Clear browser cache on PC to see http:X.X.X.X:8080  on your browser.

3_ Open Windows defender firewall and manually add 8080 Port like ;

4_ Read QR from Phone and enjoy ! :D



Hi Gal Verlič,


Please refer the below link for troubleshooting the native issue


Thanks both of you for your answers, I’ve solved this issue couple a few days after I wrote this, my solution was to publish the app to the Mendix Cloud and then open the website on my phone(doesn’t matter if it’s on the same Wi-Fi that way).