Unable to track pageviews from a hybrid app with Google Analytics deployed in Mx8

I am using Mx8.18.12 with Google Analytics 3.3.5 and cannot track pageviews from the hybrid app. I can track page views from a PC. We previously used a combination of Mx 7.23.25 and Google Analytics 3.3.4 and were able to track them successfully from the hybrid app and from a PC. I upgraded Mendix from 7.23.25 to Mx8.18.12 and along with that I upgraded Google Analytics to 3.3.5 which is compatible with Mendix 8. Configuration values have not been changed. Also, the masterPageTracker DataSource > Attribute, which is deployed in the hybrid app, is set to a record and Attribute that has the correct TrackingCode and URLPrefix. When upgrading to Mx8, we have not re-created the application to be installed on mobile (both iPhone/Android). I am hoping to track page views on both the hybrid app and PC in Mx8 as I did in Mx7. Is there anything I need to change or be aware of regarding the Google Analytics (or Mendix) upgrade? (e.g., setting values, layout, reworking the app, etc.)   thank you so much for responding in advance.
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I solved the problem by taking the following actions based on this ticket.

GoogleAnalytics.mpk\widget\MasterPageTracker.js > Add the following code to _insertGoogleAnalytics
 ga("set", "checkProtocolTask", null);