How to add NPM dependency to native app

Hi, I am trying to get a background location tracking app working. First, I tried to get the app from the ‘Build a fitness tracker’ webinar working ( Unfortunately, the webinar does not show how the actual linking of the modules has to be done. That’s when I decided to follow the manual  but two problems occurred when using the NFC scanner: The app crashes when I run it in the Make It Native app upon loading the app. I cannot run the ‘Build in the cloud’ command after executing step ‘3.3.3 Using the Modules’.    Can you help me out with this? The end goal is to implement one of these packages:  - @react-native-community/geolocation - @mauron85/react-native-background-geolocation   P.s. I believe the ‘Ho- to’ document ‘Build JavaScript Actions for Native Mobile’ can be updated, since Mendix 9.11.1 provides the ‘App capabilities’ page in the ‘Build Native App v.1.0.114’ . With this functionality, is it still required to give the permissions manually in the code and in XCode?
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