How to create Native mobile App inside a Web App

Dears I am in a serious Dilemma: It is been 3 months that I am learning Mendix and developing in parallel a web app. Now I am trying to create a native mobile app communicating with the web app as follow: the web app users (who are the managers of the company) create missions from the web and these missions are sent to the inbox of the inspectors using the mobile app. then the inspectors accept or reject these missions. If they accept, they have to create reports and submit them to the web app. Now in the future these 2 apps will be communicating with an api where a copy of the database is. For now, my web app with the associations inside the screens and database are already created but I AM NOT ABLE to DOWNLOAD the native mobile module to be able to build the mobile app inside it. Can Anyone Help ? I am afraid I might have to throw 3 moths of hard work and restart the work all over inside a mobile native app….Please advise.
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Could you make sure that the follwoing is enabled in your project. Based on your question I can assume that the Native app is created in a different project if yes, 

  1. Both apps have to be in same Mendix version if you want to import the native module or the Native module could have been created from a lower mendix studio version. 
  2. If you happen to have the web app in 9.9.0 and native app in any version heigher than that the import would not work. 
  3. Make sure that the following profile is enabled


Hope this helps!