End session Native mobile via web

Hi there! In my native app I have a reset password option. Once you click the reset password button in the app you receive an email with a link that redirects to a webpage where you can reset your password. Ideally I want the user to be logged out from the native app once he has entered the new password and submitted that, so he has to log in again using the new password. Anyone an idea on how to end the session in the native application from the action on the webpage?
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Hey Dominique,

1) The easiest would of course be to log out immediately when the user presses the reset button in the native app.

2) If you have control over the webpage where the user can reset their password, you could trigger a deeplink to the native app and handle it with the logic you need i.e. log out. This only works if the browser is opened on the same device.

3) Consider not using a webpage but a microflow call to handle the password reset from the native app.