Rapid Developer last module going mobile (10) offline version does not work offline

I have almost completed this course, but the app does not work offline as promised. I checked the offered app from module 11, this doesn’t work offline either. Is it supposed to work offline at all? There’s always a connection error, when I try to run the app offline from my mobile device. I have meanwhile deleted the navigation profile and the page and have done all those steps from the module again, nothing changed. Can somebody, who’s an expert in this project please tell me a solution? Thanks in advance.
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Hi Max, PWA does not work well on iPhone, but usually it works well on Android.

If you can preview the app after publishing using Phone Web offline profile, it should show on your desktop (at least you can see the page with training events). Then you need to login as a demo_Administrator, add all training events data. Next pass on the web-link of the published app to your mobile and login with demo_Trainee credentials.