Creating user accounts automatically in micro-/nanoflow

Hi! I have a problem with creating new user accounts. We have a native mobile project which uses API calls for retrieving and sending data. For login I have created a nanoflow, which first calls a microflow to make a REST call to login to the API. If the response is positive, the nanoflow checks if there already exists a Mendix account and logs in. If it does not exist, the nanoflow (or microflow) should create a new MX account automatically for anonymous user. However, creating a new MX account in a nanoflow or microflow hasn’t worked. Is it possible to create a new MX account this way? I created a new user entity for the app user and generalized it to Administration.Account. In nanoflow/microflow I created a new object and set username input as Name and password input as Password. I also tried to set user role but it didn’t help.   All tips and advice are more than welcome, thanks already in advance!  
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Is this in Mendix 9.14? There is a breaking change there relating to setting a password from a client.

  • We now block changes to the Password attribute of User and User-derived objects in client commits (for example, via the Save button in forms). The old behavior is deprecated but can be restored until Mendix 10 by setting the BlockPasswordInClientCommit custom setting to false.