Make it Native App Throwing Error

Hi All, It may be a repeated question but still need help with the Make it Native app v8, v9 as it throws error while scanning the QR code of the app(studio pro v8.18.16 and v9.5.0). It worked for the first time after turning the network to private, it stopped working at the later attempts. Please help me with a permanent solution. I also followed the below UR still no help. URL:   Error message in Make it native app v8: Mendix Studio Pro not running We cannot detect your runtime. Please make sure that your runtime is working and accessible to your current device using the provided URL. Error message in Make it native app v9: Something went wrong! Cannot connect with Mendix Studio pro. Use the option below to test the connectivity of the device to the runtime.   Thanks in advance!!
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For me the solution was setting the wifi network to private network which my laptop connects to. Now I can connect MakeItNative on my phone to StudioPro.


(MakeItNative 9 and StudioPro 9.18.3)


I have experienced this issue and it is usually solved by one of these steps:
- Disable firewall and anti-virus (Better option is to configure access rules and allow your app through firewall or real-time antivirus protection)
- Restart Mendix Studio Pro and run app again

- Verify that port 8080 and 8083 is not being used by some other application

- Uninstall make it native app and install again