How to setup multiple role-based home pages with bottom bar in native mobile app

I am trying to build my first mobile app. I wnat to have role-based home pages, say:   - Home_Employee   - Home_Manager   But there MUST also be a default home page (which theoretically will never show but I am forced to add one so sshould things go wrong this page msut show), so I also have page   - Home_Default IIn the `Navigation` I setup the Role-based pages for role `Employee` and role `Manager`, and now I want a `Home` icon in the bottom bar when click on it will go to the correct home page for the signed in user. This however does not seem possible, on modile I am forced to create a navigation entry for each of these pages if there is a bottom bar, I get this message if I do not:   `If the bottom bar is enabled on a home page, then that page must be included in the bottom bar menu of the native navigation profile. Either choose a layout for the page with ‘Botton bar’ set to ‘No’ or include the page in the bottom bar navigation menu`   I do not want a navigation menu item for EACH of these pages, that is totally silly, so the only alternative is not have a bottom bar, it seems that is the ONLY way. I want a bottom bar with only ONE HOME icon that will go to the correct home page according to the role and not 3 bottom bar home buttons, one for each home page. How can I achieve this please?
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Hi Elize ,

When adding role-based home pages to the navigation, you can say call a microflow instead of show home page. So just add a home button and mark it as call microflow. In this way, if you use the show home page activity in microflow, it will automatically redirect users to their homepage.

But since you will be using the mobile app, it may be more useful to do this with nanoflow for offline mode. Unfortunately, I do not have enough knowledge in the mobile section and as far as I can see, there is no show homepage in nanoflow actions. But in the same way, by assigning call nanoflow activity to the home button in the navigation, you can create a nanoflow that will display the user based homepage within this nanoflow. I hope it helps



Thank you Ismail, I totally missed that there is a `Show Home Page` activity, that will be an option.