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Hi, I am fairly new to Mendix and was trying to build my first Native app using the Native Builder option present in Mendix. For this, I have created a new account in VS-App Center and I have generated the respective tokens for GitHub and App Center.  But, I am getting this error that there’s an issue in configuring App Center (image attached below)     As mentioned in the image, I tried to navigate to the Android and iOS apps, but I found that they haven’t been created in my App Center account yet.   I would really appreciate it if someone can help me through this.   I am using, Mendix Studio 9.14.0 and Build Native 1.0.120   Thank you!  
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Hi Kirat, 


It seems to be a BUG in Mendix Builder v1.0.120. 

( Because his trying to create a App in with dots in the name. AppCenter seems to be changed the rule in their side with broke Mx Mobile Builder…)


Mean while do it manually



  1. Set Mx Mobile Builder to build locally.
  2. go to output dir 
    1. npm install --legacy-peer-deps
    2. npm run configure
  3. Open the project/folder android with Android Studio and follow your debugs/builds.
  • (or without Android studio) → cd android , run gradlew.bat assembleAppstoreDebug
  • The output goes into –>  android\app\build\outputs\apk\appstore\debug


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Like Alexandre mentioned, this was indeed a bug in the Native Builder. Yesterday, the Native Builder 1.0.121 was released, resolving the issue. When opening the Native Builder, it will update automatically (though you likely won’t directly get the message), though you will need to restart (the Native Builder) again to use version 1.0.121. 

If you tried to build and it failed in AppCenter with the message Creating app xyz-ios or xyz-android failed it is required to delete the configuration (basically, we need to define new app identifiers due to the rule change that Alexandre mentioned). Easiest would be to remove the whole configuration by deleting the nativemobile folder from your project folder.