Change of navigation bottom bar

Hi,  I having a problem, One user role they have two option A and B if A is selected it will navigate to one page in that page bottom bar four option with icon is there like C D E F if B is selected i need to change the bottom bar like C D G F is possible to change the bottom bar navigation but in same role      
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To do that

  • Make a custom layout that has Bottom Region in its Scroll Container
  • Make two different Menu documents that contains the different items
  • Make two different pages that uses the newly created custom layout
  • Add Menu bar to the bottom region of the pages
  • Edit the menu bars, Set their menu source to "Menu document"
  • Select the desired Menu documents 


Hope this helps

  • This is how you create a custom Layout

  • This is how you add a bottom region to your layout (Click on the Scroll Container first)


  • This is how you create Menu documents

  • This is how you add items to the menu documents

  • This is how you change a page’s layout

  • This is how you add a menu bar to your pages

  • This is how you select the desired menu documents


Thanks for Response. you have create in web response but i need these in native mobile 


I have try but not able to assign custom menu bar to custom layout in native mobile