Convert Web app into native app

Hi Guys,  i would like to convert my existing web app into native app, could you please suggest me how to implement this functionality. thanks in advance.  
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Hi John,

You have to redevelop by creating native layout pages. You can copy-paste some of the widgets from the web page like list view, data view. But many functionalities that don’t work in native pages like using a microflow, data grid, you have to re-develop.


If you have a non-parameterized microflow, you can just create a new nanoflow and call the microflow from that.

But if it is parameterized, you have to re-develop it in nanoflow 




Hi john benny ,


In that web app you need to add Module in the Native and need to add separate pages and Native snippets and need to add the nanoflow logics and some of the widgets are not support in native that we used for web in this case you need to use native supportable widget.