Interact with Native Webview

Hi,   I would like to interact with Mendix native webview to get the redirected URL after user interaction, please see the below scenario for one of the OAuth provider.  - Added the webview with an URL - webview will render OAuth provider page to enter the user identity  - then user will enter his identity and submit, it will redirect to different URL which contains access code - Need to get that redirected URL from webview to get the specific access code which will be stored and used for next API calls Eg:  Initial URL in webview : http://host/xyz  UI with text field to enter his identity : Redirected URL : http://host/xyz?access_code=’2349khsdfk’   Thanks in Advance. 
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Hi Nandana Logu Murugesan,


You should edit the WebView (react native code) to use these Props:

onNavigationStateChange:  Function that is invoked when the WebView loading starts or ends.

onShouldStartLoadWithRequest: Function that allows custom handling of any web view requests