Account Registration on MX Native Mobile

Hi all,    I’ve been building a native mobile app with Mendix. and I am stuck in making account registration page.    Currently, I am making a login logic using the ‘Sign In’ activity provided in MX studio pro. and the logic works great with the MxAdmin account (the administrator account). Then, I came to wonder if I can create new accounts that works just as same as the MxAdmin account in MX Native Mobile app. (I found that the ‘Sign In’ activity only works with the MxAdmin account, not the ones I made myself, so i think it has something to do with System.User, if I’m correct)   Does anyone know how to create a new account that is on the same level as the MxAdmin account? (or it is on the level that it would work with ‘Sign In’ activity in MX Native Mobile App?)   can anybody help :) ? 
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Its not clear what you actually want to do , As far as I understand MxAdmin login works for you in your natice App .
Did you use Account Overview in Responsive part of the app to create the User and try login ?

If yes and still the issue , then you need to design a custom logic as follows : 

Use Non-Persistent entity in the login page to enter the user name and password . 

Have the login Nanoflow to take this value and call Sign in JS and pass these two values ( Username and password)