How do I add a progress bar to the splashscreen for my native app?

Hello, I am trying to add a progress bar to the splashscreen for my native app to give the user some sort of visual indicator of how far along they are in the loading process (once the user logs in during the offline synchronization process).  Does anyone know if this is possible in Mendix?   I saw this post in the Mendix forum but the link to the App store widget does not work.  Is this a capability of Mendix or would I have to do this using Xcode or Android Studio?  Please let me know what my options are?  Thank you so much.  
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Hello Neeraj, Yes, I was able to implement a solution to this, there were a couple of changes I made. I changed the role based home page for my users to a nanoflow that showed a pseudo splash screen I created and then the native app landing page. On the psuedo splash screen I placed an Activity spinner and text that says "Loading" I also ended up adding some animation to the text "Loading", and I also set the animation for 10 seconds. I ended up changing the native synchronization configuration so that it did not synchronization any objects after login. (all of them were set to Nothing (preserve data) This allowed me to display the pseudo splash screen immediately after the user logged in. To handle the synchronization piece, I ended up placing an app event widget on the pseudo splash screen that calls a nanoflow to synchronize all the necessary data (all the data that would have been synchronized using the native synchronization configuration), this actually was handled using a nanoflow that calls a microflow and the microflow handles the synch piece, I had to make sure to apply entity access rules to this microflow to minimize the amount of data being synced to the device at this point). Using the native app builder, I did end up changing the real splash screen to show the app icon, so that when you initially open the app and log out the user sees this splash screen with the icon, but once the user logs in, they see the pseudo splash screen. I ended up using an Activity spinner instead of a progress bar or progress circle. There use to be a tutorial on Mendix that may have helped you implement a progress bar or progress circle,but I think Mendix removed it, maybe they will repost it again. it's a little more involved, but if they do post it again,it might help you implement the progress bar/progress circle method.,