Native app styling difference with Mendix 9 upgrade

We recently updated from Mendix 8 to Mendix 9 (We are on 9.17) and I noticed that there are some styling differences in the native app, particularly with the reference selector and drop down widgets.  According to Mendix’s widget styling guide Widget Styling Guide | Mendix Documentation  the widget’s render hierarchy is below.  I am trying to target the element that is circled in the widget.  I’m trying to change it so that it is the width of the screen and not small (the way it is shown in the picture).   I’ve tried changing the container element and the valueContainer element but I have not been able to target that particular element.  Does anyone know which element I should target in order to change the width of the drop down?  I would like it to be the width of the screen before an item is selected.  I’ve been using the React view style guide  View Style Props · React Native  and the React width and height guide  Height and Width · React Native to figure out which property to change to accomplish this.  The size of the drop down before it is selected is small and after an item is selected it changes to the size of the item selected, so I am not sure if width is the correct property to change.  If anyone has an experience with this I would appreciate your input. Thank you.   <container> <label>Drop down enumeration</label> <valueContainer> <value>First</value> <icon/> </valueContainer> <validationMessage>Validation feedback enumeration</validationMessage> </container> <menuWrapper> <selectedItemContainer> <selectedItem>First</selectedItem> <= Selected </selectedItemContainer> <itemContainer> <item>Second</item> </itemContainer> <itemContainer> <item>Third</item> </itemContainer> </menuWrapper>  
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We were able to resolve this issue by upgrading to the Atlas 3 theme, thank you.