Create .ipa build for iOS mendix on MAC

Hi all,   I have a question regarding creating build .ipa for ios on Mendix using VM with mac as I attached a screenshot I have successfully built an app for android . APK and ios  I easily get .apk for android tested successfully but my question tried to find ios .ipa I didn't figure out how to get that you can see on the screenshot I go to that folder xcarchive but on that, I didn't find .ipa please someone suggests to me how I can test for Ios .ipa. I tried to install Xcode but my mac current model is MacPro-15  version macOS 12.4 when I install Xcode it shows me the error needs a higher version. any suggestions on how I get to test ios .ipa Thank you     EDIT: I was trying to create a .ips file follow this link,6.2%20Distributing%20for%20iOS,6.2.1%20Local%20Signing,-You%20can%20skip and I just faced this error any idea about this anyone? i have attached screenshot.       
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You can use appcenter, so you do not need to set up the tools on your mac. See


Hello Neeraj,
The ios .ipa can be created with following ways--
A.1. You need to provide apple certificates while building the app in Native Builder.

2. Provide the provision file and certificate generated on Mac and certificate password.

3. This will generate .ipa file along with xarchive folder in build->appstore


  1. Refer the documentaion