Native Builder failed to create repository

Hi All I’m trying to create a .apk file for the native mobile app that was build. I ran the prepare command by giving all the parameters but the native builder throwing the error that unable to repository. I tried by deleting the repo and by creating new access token but of no use . please find the screenshot of the error. Any help is appreciated
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It seems that the tool Native Builder is deprecated:

Since you are using Studio Pro 9.11, you can use the new tool:


I use a cmdline similar to this to generate the bundle:

C:\Programs\Mendix\{MxVersion}\modeler\mxbuild.exe --java-home="C:\Program Files\AdoptOpenJDK\jdk-" --java-exe-path="C:\Program Files\AdoptOpenJDK\jdk-\bin\java.exe" --target=deploy --native-packager --loose-version-check {MprProject}


then copy the bundle to the Native Template folder (powershell):

Copy-Item -Path "{your project folder}\deployment\native\bundle\android\*" -Destination "{your template folder}\android\app\src\main\" -Recurse -Force


run the required node commands in the root of Native Template folder:

npm install
npm run configure


And at the end, run the command to generate the APK (powershell):

Set-Location {your template folder}\android\
.\gradlew.bat assembleAppstoreDebug


Or use the UI tool:

that does all this job for you.


I personally prefer to gen APK locally, not relying the the cloud services AppCenter or Git.

Local generation is a lot faster, as well.


Finally, please revogue your Git and Appcenter Tokens, for security reasons, since they are exposed in the screenshot.


Good luck!


facing this error after following the instruction in the documentation and also tried providing the command for build mentioned by @Vinicius Strugata Ambrosio