Natve 9 black loading screen

Hi,   I tested a native mobile app yesterday with the ‘Make it native 9’ mobile app. It worked perfectly then I restarted the app without changes. From there I experience the issue where the black mendix loading screen show up after logging in and after a while the ‘Make it native 9’ closes on my phone. This is when I test the app locally.   There is nothing in the console and I have tried with multiple networks and devices.   
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Hi Thomas,


I’ve recently experienced it myself. The problem with my app was that it was loading in so much data that it eventually timed out (300k+ objects). My solution was restricting the amount of data synchronizing on login by editing the synchronization configuration in the Navigation Profile.

Hope this helps!




From my experience, the standard Make Native App 9 is not the best option for native mobile app development.

It’s enough only for the first tests, but as the time goes by, you really need  a custom app for testing.

The big advantage of a Custom Make it Native is that you can generate an APK using the ‘devDebug’ build variant, and use the LogCat in Android Studio to inspect the log messages. Probably some message in the LogCat will help you to solve your problem


Good luck!


Thanks a lot I will have a look at the custom app and make adjustments to my synchronization.