Select a photo popup not showing (Take Picture advanced)

For a native app we need functionality to upload a picture. By using the Take Picture advanced in a nanoflow, configured as below, we would expect it to show a popup; giving the user the choice to choose whether to take a new picture, or choosing an existing one from storage. However, no matter what we use as Picture source; empty, either, imageLibrary or camera, it always just starts up the camera.   Expected result:   Running on Mendix 9.19.0
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Same problem here, i got told that this might be a bug in the widget so this should be reported to mendix and they will hopefully fix it


I have forwarded the question to Mendix. Their response was:


The underlying logic is:

  • If PictureSource is Camera, show Camera
  • If PictureSource is imageLibrary, show Image Library(Gallery)
  • If nothing is selected, show default as Cam era


TakePicture and TakePictureAdvanced actions no longer support 'either' as a value for the parameter "pictureSource". You can model an action sheet using the Bottom sheet widget in the case where you want to offer to users "take picture" or "choose picture from image library" functionality.