Https deeplink redirects via http in mobile browser

I have a strange behaviour in my PWA. I defined a deeplink and that deeplink works properly. Let's say this is my deeplink   If I set a breakpoint at the beginning of the deeplink related microflow I see the Request parameter with Uri starting with http instead of https. I am not sure why this is, but see below my experience with this:   If I test this call in on desktop in browser (Chrome, Edge), it works properly. I call https and I see https without any redirect or strange behaviour.   Doing exactly the same in mobile browser (for example iPhone with Safari or Chrome on mobile/tablet), I call the https, but the request comes in with http (ssl lock disappears for a while) and then there is a redirect to the https version (with ssl lock again). In the meantime I get error “Something went wrong”. Basically my issue is the unexpected http Uri + redirect to https, while I am calling the https link.  
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No idea. But pwa is a new technique and behavior like this may just be a bug, or a conscious choice of the mendix builders. Also report this to Mendix support. They may be able to fix this.