Mx Native: package name is com.mendix.nativetemplate instead of my own value

Hi, When building native app (1.0.128, mx version 9.18.1) the package name is no longer changed to my own value. It remains com.mendix.nativetemplate, The result is that I cannot add my app to Google Play anymore:   Why is this happening? How can I resolve this?  Thanks!
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I have seen that happen when a native template update did not complete.

If you build using AppCenter, this really should not happen. During AppCenter build your settings get applied. But if the config file got messed up that does not happen. Best to build the native app again from Studio Pro and check the contents of the GitHub repo.

If you build locally using the advanced flow, the template got replaced by an update but you did not build the app afterwards or that build failed. Build the app again