Native file documents on a custom build

custom buildHello, I’m quite new as a Mendix developer and I’m working on a project to convert a PWA into a Native app. One of the widgets I’m using in the PWA is the ImageCrop, which is no longer available in Native. Making a research I discovered the “Native file documents” which I found quite interesting to use it in my project.  The problem is, and as stated in the documentation, that this tool “is an advanced, highly technical module” which requires a custom build to test/use it (not working on Make It Native App). As mention in the beginning I’m not at expert at all, and I’m wondering how can I do this “custom build” to test the functionality of the module in my app.
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Hi Luis, I am in the exact same scenario as yours, can you guide me how you created a custom build?


Hello All, 


Indeed, this module is a bit advanced, since it requires a custom made launcher app. If I were you, I'd start by:

  1. Downloading the Native File Documents Sample project:
  2. Read the documentation: 
    2. You don't need to sign your app (at least at this until you decide to release the app in the stores)
  3. Try to build the custom app from the Native File Documents Sample. 
  4. After understand the code, do the same with your Project