How to refresh a page that is opened from navbar

I have a page that is opened from the navbar. It links to a snippet that has list view with a data source nanoflow. I cannot find a way to update the data. Rerunning the nanoflow, or setting up pull to synchronise do not seem to work.    However, when I use the same snippet on another page that is opened using a button on the homepage, it updates correctly. Probably because the page is closed when navigating back to the homepage and reopening when clicking the button.    Does anyone have an idea how to get the page to reopen or the nanoflow to run again every time the user sees the page?  
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Take a look at how to use a helper entity, like in this post: 

Worked for me.

One twist, if something (like a DataGrid2) does not allow you to record clicks, then insert a container in the row (use custom content in DataGrid2 for the column) and then put a on change nano or microflow that updates the helper entity.

Have a whole page full of dataviews and list views that listen to the helper like is explained in the post linked, and things work like a charm.


I managed to solve it by adding a non persistant entity RefreshHelper, and by wrapping the list view in a data view that creates an object of RefreshHelper using a nanoflow.


The nanoflow that creates the list view expects this RefreshHelper as input parameter. 


On the list view I added a pull to refresh nanoflow, which refreshes the RefreshHelper by using a 'Refresh Object' java action.