[NativeMobile] Problems on generating APK - Custom MPK based on react-native-fingerprint-scanner

Hello experts   I have a project with a custom widget based on: https://www.npmjs.com/package/react-native-fingerprint-scanner   The reason why I’m using a custom widget instead of the BiometricAuthentication (from NativeMobileResources) is due the fact I need a custom popup for the fingerprint.   I have the widget MPK built using react-native-fingerprint-scanner and a Custom Make It Native with the dependencies added to package.json.   However, when I try to build the APK, I’ve got the error message below.   Could not HEAD 'https://packages.rnd.mendix.com/jcenter/com/wei/android/lib/fingerprintidentify/1.2.6/fingerprintidentify-1.2.6.pom'. Received status code 403 from server: Forbidden   It’s related to JCenter,  shutdown since ‘21. I’m aware I need to change some configurations in the repositories defined in build.gradle, but not exactly which ones. What are the alternatives to JCenter? It seems that Mendix are mirroring this repo. If so, why the resource cannot be found?   Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me on this issue.
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