Compile error react-native-firebase_messaging

Hello, We are using Mendix for a native Android app with push notifications. We recently updated to Mendix 9.18.3 and since then I can not build the native app anymore with the Mendix Native Mobile Builder. It seems like something is going wrong with the compilation of a out-of-the-box component:   2023-01-21T10:34:20.7444170Z Execution failed for task ':react-native-firebase_messaging:compileDebugJavaWithJavac'.   I configured the push notification module using this documentation I updated all the modules. We did not modify any of the standard components / widgets. Untill recently everything worked fine.   I have tried building with the option recreate repository set to true.   Anyone an idea what goes wrong?
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Did you update the native template?

Did you get the latest version of NativeMobileResources? There is a change for push notifications, with many dependency version changes.


Edit: Do you build using AppCenter? If so, after updating NativeMobileResources and native template, you need to update AppCenter config as well.