Mobile Application - Reuse from Web Application

Hi there, We are developing a web application for a requirement but the medium-long term requirement (after 6 months from the Go-live of web App) is also to develop a Mobile application for same line of business (like Web app is serving to). However, we have seen/heard that developing a Mobile on top of Web App (i.e using the same DB) is not a straight forward and can encounter  design issues (especially Entities and thier relationships) between the two channels. So, if someone can share their experiences on the apporach how to design a Web App keeping in mind that there will be a MObile Native App in the pipeline... highlighting best practices towards design, approach, lessons learnt etc. Any material towards this highly appreciated. What we dont want is having a successful Web App developed and then having to re-work everything during the Mobile App. development. Its better to fail at the first...!!! Thanks in advance...  
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